Tank cars full of sulfuric acid derail off tracks in Martinez, hazmat crews at the scene

Source: KRON



MARTINEZ (KRON) – Hazmat crews have been called to the scene where three train tank cars derailed off their tracks in Martinez Wednesday morning.
The train tank cars derailed around 8 a.m. on Marina Vista Avenue and Interstate 680 near the Benicia Bridge.
The tank cars are full of sulfuric acid but are not leaking, according to the Contra Costa Hazardous Materials Team.
The trains were on their way to ECO Services, a sulfuric acid supply company. ECO Services own the tracks the train derailed off of and is working with Union Pacific to clear the scene.
A crew with a crane is being called to the scene to upright the tank cars. This is estimated to take a few hours.
The hazmat team is at the scene monitoring the air. Sulfuric acid is a corrosive liquid and is dangerous if it touches skin or if large amounts are leaked.
No injuries have been reported at this time.

How well do you know your railcars?

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