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Home of the HazMat Quiz

The HazMat Quiz on HazMatNation is back!  If anyone noticed the quizzes were down for an update but now ready to help first responders keep up on all things HazMat.

Stay tuned for upcoming editions of the HazMat Quiz which test your knowledge of some of the recent PodCasts by the HazMat Guys and Roundtable discussions by the HazMat Guys Nation.

Here are the current quizzes:

Meth Lab Challenge – Quiz

How well do you know your railcars?

How well do you know your 4 gas detector? – Quiz

Test your DOT Placard Knowledge

Advanced HazMat Scent Exam – does your nose know?

Join us here on HazMatNation.com and never run out of training ideas when it comes to HazMat.  HazMat Quiz, Podcast, Roundtable, Training Videos, Articles  – all designed to help the First Responder, no matter what patch you wear.

Need more interactive training?

The HazMat Guys Roundtable Episode 3



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