Odor forces evacuation of Homeland Security building – Guam

Source: KUAM

It’s the second time this year that the office of Homeland Security and Civil Defense were evacuated due to a reported foul odor.  “At around 8 o’clock this morning some employees from Guam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense reported smelling a foul odor as soon as they walked inside,” recalled Jenna Gaminde, the agency’s spokesperson. She confirmed roughly 19 employees from the facility housing Homeland Security, Civil Defense, and the Mariana Fusion Center were forced to evacuate along with the Guam Fire Department’s E911 Dispatch Office. “911 dispatch was immediately moved to the DNA Building at their headquarters,” she explained. “911 dispatch lines were rerouted so there was no lag time in-between, they had two personnel that stayed behind.” At around 9:45am, the Guam Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team arrived on the scene, conducting a full assessment of the building using multi-ray detectors to probe for hazardous materials. This isn’t the first time GFD’s HAZMAT Team has had to evacuate and assess the OHS and OCD building. “The Office of Homeland Security was also evacuated back in April when a foul odor was reported emanating from the upstairs lobby, this time the odor was coming from downstairs near one of the main pump rooms,” Gaminde added. Gaminde said the April incident resulted from a battery leaking sulfuric acid. She said an outsourced company has since removed the batteries, and resolved the issue. “Right now we don’t have an idea of what the odor is, it’s not as strong as it was before, but GFD’s HAZMAT Team is on scene, so they’ll be doing a full assessment,” she added. At 10:43 am, GFD gave the all-clear following no significant findings. However, the source of the odor was not identified.


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