Propane burn off in Florida – Photos

Jacksonville – Units from JFRD responded to a single MVA involving a bobtail propane delivery truck that apparently left the road and after overcorrecting, rolled over.  First in units treated the driver who was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.  A HazMat response was requested.

Station 7 and Station 21 (JFRD HazMat Stations) responded and assessed the scene with regards to any active leaks, tank damage, and potential leaks.  It was determined to perform a burn-off operation of the product prior to righting the tank truck. No active leaks were found and the tank had rolled in the soft shoulder causing only cosmetic damage to the vessel.  The driver stated the tank had about 2000 gallons of product left.


Access was made by one vapor line (w/ check valve) and 2 liquid evac lines on belly (no check valve).  The plan was to burn down as much product as necessary to reduce weight and enable righting without further damage to the tank.

Reports from units on scene were that ‘we were able to flare around 50% liquid prior to righting the tanker’ according to Jason Kerr.  He added that they discussed using water injection to get the rest of the product out as they had begun to burn vapor instead of liquid.  ‘Knowing that water weighs twice as much as LP this would have been counter-productive for righting the truck as well as the potential to cause more damage to the truck and vessel’, added Kerr.

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Photo Credits to Jason Kerr

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