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Hazmat teams respond to nitric acid spill at UPS in New Hartford – Video

Source: WKTV.com NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. – Hazmat crews have responded to what officials are calling a ‘minor’ spill at the UPS building in New Hartford. The call first came in a little before five a.m., and since then the building has been evacuated. The New York Mills Fire Chief says at 3:30 a.m., nitric acid was spilled at the building. ...

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See What Rocket Fuel Does To Gloves – from io9.com

Great chemical awareness training information from: http://io9.com When handling this chemical, wearing certain kinds of gloves might actually be a danger. Here’s how rocket fuel makes a standard lab safety item go up in flames. Nitric acid, HNO3, is not something you want on your hands. It burns your fingers and it leaves distinctive yellow stains. Nitric acid is not even ...

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