Would YOU want YOU to rescue YOU?


Are you prepared to rescue you?

Are you prepared to rescue you?

Already three months in to 2015 and your emergency response team likely has a training calendar to keep things focused throughout the year and cover what is important.  Fire, HazMat, Police, Private, Municipal, Federal, Paid, or Volunteer we at HazMatNation would like to remind everyone of our mantra:

Would YOU want YOU to rescue YOU?

If your answer is not yes then consider what you need to do to make yourself a more effective first responder.  If your training is lagging then get back to the basics, make a plan, and stick to it.  Reach out to your peers and other local agencies and don’t be afraid to fail to get better.  Now is your chance – at the time of the EVENT, it will be too late.

-HMN Staff


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